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Captain Dave Wittenborn
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Monday, October 3, 2011

End of Fluke Season...Looking forward to Striped Bass

It's safe to say that the usually amazing September fishery we experience in LBI was a total disappointment. Although Hurricane Irene left little physical damage to the island, she really churning up the waters from where we never recovered. The following Hurricane two weeks later, which caused major flooding to the Lehigh Valley, spilled it's rainwater runoff into the local tributaries and rivers and really muddied up an already fragile situation. The bays and inland waters looked like iced tea for weeks and the fluke moved elsewhere from where they never returned. These two storms accompanied by another Northeaster along with additional days of lousy weather put a nail in the coffin for the rest of the fluking season. I had to cancel several trips due to lack of fish and poor weather. I am not going to take groups out when I know the fishing is poor. Fluke season closed on September 25 and sea bass season is closed until Nov 1. The only saving grace had been a very steady blowfish fishery.

I am taking some time off until striped bass season which should be getting underway in a few weeks. November is traditionally the best month to fish for stripers in LBI. Lets hope all of this rain stops and we can get some clean water for the remainder of the fall season.

Captain Dave
Compass Rose
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