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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Season is Underway!

Wow!  We went right into summer.  Seems like that always appears to be the case.  This warm weather should heat the water up rather nicely which should be helpful for the bottom fishing.  The fluke will soon be making their annual migration out of the bays and onto the ocean lumps and reef areas where we love to catch-them-up.  Fluke fishing has been off to a slow start this year due to exceptionally cold water and heavy spring rains.  They didn't go anywhere so it's just a matter of time.  

The striper fishing in LBI has been great this spring.  There are loads of mature bunker stacked up against the beach.  Literally acres and acres as far as you can see....truly an amazing site.  These bunker schools are holding striped bass and sharks.  I personally saw a rather large Thresher Shark last week and there have been others sighted.  If you love to observe dolphin they are having a feast in the bunker as well.  It is so awesome to see how the regulations have really made a difference.  They have really cracked down on the netting of these fish down south which so many predators depend on for food.  The abundance of bunker schools the last few years has really brought the fishing back to what it once was years ago....or so I am told...I'm salty but not that old yet.

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