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Captain Dave Wittenborn
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Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 Season is here!!

Finally, the 2009 fishing season is about to begin.  The marinas are packed with anxious boat owners waxing, sanding, and gearing up their boat for another shot at that trophy fish.  The water temperatures are heating up and soon enough our waters will be full of life and bunker schools which will be closely followed by large and hungry striped bass.

 I will begin running charters this year in June if my schedule allows and will be pretty much full time for July and August.  My prices will remain the same as last season as long as gas prices remain steady.  It would be a good idea to book your charter now to lock in the low price before fuel prices rise again and also to get the choice date you want.  If you book your charter now, I will not raise your price even if gas goes on another run.

The fluke regulations were not has bad for this season as they could have been.   The size limit will remain at 18" or larger with a bag limit of six fish.  I am happy with this moderate change in the bag limit from six to eight fish.  It was very difficult to reach eight keepers last season and the six fish limit is a bit more realistic.  

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