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Captain Dave Wittenborn
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

39th Annual Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational

I will be fishing in the White Marlin Invitational this Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.  We actually fish two of the three days.  It is our choice which days we will pick.  The weather looks good and I have my crew in place.  It should be a lot of fun.  There are 100 boats of all sizes entered in the tournament.  I will be going up against some big boats with professional crews.  This tournament has become very large over the last several years and is now considered to be a part of the professional fishing circuit.


Regulator and Comstock Yacht Sales has sponsored me to be in the tournament and my new 29' Regulator will be on display at the club on Saturday night for all to see and take a tour.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fluke Fishing is Turning On
Fished a six hour charter today with the Levy family up from Atlanta.  We found heavy fog early on and had to delay the trip for one hour.  We decided to work a rip in the bay until the fog burned off and caught so many short fluke on the out going tide fluke that I had to go back to the dock to grab another pack of peanut bunker.  After about an hour and a half of pulling in shorts, the crew wanted to try their fly fishing gear on some blues so we headed over to grassy channel and found some small blues working the area.  We managed to land of few until the green heads started swarming around the boat like a mad beehive.  By this time the fog had burned off and we decided to try our luck in the ocean and headed to the OPT buoys.  Along the way we played around with the bunker schools and had no luck with any predators underneath.  We continued on to OPT buoys and made three drifts and again continued to have steady action of short fluke and sharks.  The family had a great day and we managed to put three keepers in the cooler for dinner and released around 35-40 flatties.  High hook was Joey who landed eleven fluke by himself.  All fluke were caught on peanut bunker and gulp minnows. 

The ocean was beautiful today and I had sea temperatures of around 68 degrees.  The water looked much bluer and cleaner today.  I would say it was the best looking water I have seen all year.  Maybe an offshore eddy worked its way in but I am hoping that things might have finally turned for the better.  There was bunker pods for as far as your eyes could see.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Open Boat --Saturday, July 26
I still have a few spots open for the open boat this Saturday, 7/26/08.  We will be leaving the dock at 7:00 and return at 1:00.  We will target the reef areas and a couple of my other favorite spots for flatties.  The weather looks good for the weekend as well.  Price is $125/angler
2:52 pm edt 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer is in full swing

The sea conditions this July will not go down in history as the best July to swim or fish in the ocean.  The water has been very cold due to a steady south west wind which has blown for a good part of the summer.  We had a few days a week ago when the wind came out of the north and gave us a glimmer of hope as water temperatures rose in the 70's.  Less then a week later, the persistent west wind returned and blew the warm surface water away from the beach and created an upwelling of green bottom water.  This has created dense fog and slow fishing.  Here are my reports from the past several days:

7/18  Fished the Garden State South Reef with Ed Lawson and crew and found surface temps in the low 60's.  We did manage to put a few keeper fluke in the cooler but had to work hard for them.  The catch of the day was a 6.22lb tog which was caught while drifting using a fluke rig baited with squid and spearing.


7/19  Ran offshore to the Lemke's Canyon in search of blue-fin tuna.  Found thick fog for the first 30 miles and I was glued to the radar for most of the trip.  Shortly after we left the fog bank the wind kicked up to a steady 20knots and the seas grew to an uncomfortable 4-6 ft.  We decided to call it an early day and picked up around 12:30 after going for a long boat ride.



Found thick fog again in the morning so we decided to stay in the bay and flounder fish in the clam stakes on the Mystic Island side of the fish factory.  We had steady action of short fluke and I can say that most of the boats around us did as well.  The throwback to keeper ration was around 12 to 1.  Gulp minnows on a jig head seemed to do the trick.



Ran outside again to the garden State South Reef.  The conditions wee beautiful with a slight breeze and a perfect drift.  The water temps had risen to around 65 degrees.  We boated many fluke today which was a nice surprise and added several blue humpback black sea bass to the tally.  We were the only boat on the GSS today which was nice but a little eerie.




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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

White Marlin Invitational
Regulator and Comstock Yacht Sales will be sponsoring me and my crew in the Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational this year.  The tournament dates are July 30-Aug 1.  I am very excited to fish in the tournament this year and this will be a huge test for my new boat.  If all goes well, I will possible be taking groups out the the middle grounds for tuna this August and September.  Stay tuned for updates.
3:31 pm edt 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We had some beautiful weather this past weekend.  The only problem was that the reef fishing was a little slow.  The largest fluke of the weekend was 19.5 inches caught on Saturday.  We had little drift and there was no wind to move the boat.  The water temperatures finally began to rise and we should start to see a good fluke bite starting very soon.  The bay fishing has been outstanding, however, you have to pick through about 15-20 fluke to get one keeper.  Then there are the green heads which you have to contend with on a daily basis.  I would rather fish in the ocean where your chances are better at getting keepers even though the action is not as steady.


This weekend I will be fishing offshore for the first time this season.  I am in a local fishing tournament for marlin, tuna, wahoo, and dolhin.  There has been an excellent tuna bite sofar this season and I hope I can find the fish.


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Monday, July 7, 2008

Open Boat-Saturday July 12
I still have two more openings for the open boat trip this Saturday, July 12.  The price is $125/ angler and everything is included.  We leave the dock at 7:00Am and return by 1:00PM.  We are going to have a great time and the weather looks great!  Call me to reserve a spot.  Check out the details about the open boat on the trips and policies page.
5:51 pm edt 

I was away this past week with the family in the Outer Banks of NC and had a chance to visit two of my favorite boat docks which are Pirate's Cove and the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center.  I watched the boats come in on several afternoons loaded with tile fish and dolphin.  The water was very warm offshore and the tuna have headed north to the the northern canyons off our coast.  If you ever have a chance to see the charter boats comming in at Oregon Inlet it is worth stopping by.
5:45 pm edt 

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