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Captain Dave Wittenborn
302 West Ave
Beach Haven, NJ 08008

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Monday, July 23, 2007

We are having our first summer Nor'Easter here today so I finally have a chance to enter a fishing report.
This past weekend we a a nice catch a fluke and bluefish.  The fluke are in small pockets so once you find them you have to make short drifts over the same area in order to have a steady action.  This is very typical for this time of the year. 
I am captaining in the Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Tournament this coming week.  The forcast looks great once this weather system blows out of here.  Last year we got a nice 75lb yellowfin tuna and a 56lb wahoo. 
11:06 am edt 

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mako Mania!!!!!!!!
Reef fishing continues to produce steady action of fluke and sea bass.  The surprise catch of the season so far this weekend was two small mako sharks.  I was snagging bunker with weighted treble hooks  about 10 miles offshore on Saturday afternoon.  The kids like to use the bunker for crab bait around the docks.  They are sold in stores for about $1.25 a piece.  We go through about 20 bunker in a good weekend around my house so when I see them schooling up offshore, I like to load up on the free bait.  As I was pulling a bunker in, the line started screaming off my small spinning rod like I have never seen before.  I knew I had something big on the line.  I thought it was a large blue or striper.  To my surprise, a mako shark appeared below the surface.  I decided to continue to fight him, not thinking I would land him.  I lost a lot of line and I thought I was going to get spooled on several occasions.  I had to chase the fish down with one hand on the reel and the other on the steering wheel.  After about 30 minutes, I tired the fish out and pulled him over the side of the boat.  He weighed in around 40lbs.  I released him after getting a few looks at his teeth.  Even the small ones have large teeth that can do some damage.  Shortly after, I moved to a new school of bunker and continued my snagging process.  A few minutes later, the line was screaming off my rod again and the whole circus started over.  This mako was smaller, about 20lbs.  I saw several other makos leaping through the bunker schools while I was fighting the second fish.  The weather was perfect with a gentle rolling sea.
9:49 pm edt 

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