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Captain Dave Wittenborn
302 West Ave
Beach Haven, NJ 08008

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Monday, August 28, 2006

As expected, the fluke fishing has continued to provide excellant catches this past week.  The annual migration pattern of the summer flounder has brought them a mile or two off the beach to the "lumps".  These are shallow areas in about 35-45ft of water surrounded by 50ft of water.  The fluke lay on these ledges and make for non stop action.  I had the Marquate family out on Thursday morning and had such excellant fishing that I brought my family out in the afternoon to fill up our cooler which we did in about an hour and a half.  Friday produced similiar action for the Wanner group who kept me at the fish cleaning table for a solid hour after the trip.  Since then, Mother nature has let us know who is the boss and has unleashed a steady blow of 25 knot winds since Saturday morning and I do not plan on fishing again until Friday, September 1. 
This great action should continue until late september so call me in advance to book your trip.
3:51 pm edt 

Monday, August 21, 2006

The past couple of weeks has seen the best fluke fishing of the year.  I have had several trips in the past couple of weeks that have seen near limit catches of fluke.  The Ed Gordon group booked two trips last week and had one trip that will be remembered for a long time.  They had so many fish in the box by 11:00am that they decided to "head for the barn" and start fish cleaning.  That's right!! Ed brought a friend who could clean fish as well as me and I appreciated the help because I would have been there an extra 45 minutes without his help.  Largest doormatt fluke weighed in at 6.5lbs and 25".
7:11 pm edt 

Thursday, August 3, 2006

The best fishing of the year is upon us!
I have not entered an entry for several weeks now because the engine on my boat finally went and the Arlene Ann is in the shop getting a brand new 2006 Yamaha 4 stroke, 250 horsepower engine.  This is the best outboard on the market today.  It should add about 10-15 mph onto my boat and burn less than 1/2 the fuel.  The shop is in Delaware and I am going to pick it up this friday.  I am very excited about this engine and the clients will also notice how quite the engine runs.  The only positive thing that has come out of this fishing down time is that my golf hanicap went from a 17 to a 15.  Charters will begin again next Monday and I am pretty booked out for the next four weeks so if you are planning on fishing, let me know in advance before you get to the island.
I did captain the Reel Style in the Beach Haven White Marlin Tournament last week and we did very well.  Our total was 2 mahi mahi, 2 longfin (albacore), 3 yellowfin tuna(largest 75#) and a 45 pound wahoo. 
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